Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Origin of Earth

Earth is a member of solar system. The origin of earth must be related with the origin of solar system. The life of human being is much more smaller compared to the life of solar system of earth no theory and assumption about origin of earth are acceptable globally. Some of the assumption and theory related to the origin of earth are listed below.

  • George  Wofan Hypothesis:  In 1749 A.D. George Wofan, a French scientist, put forward the theory of evolution of the Earth for the first time. According to his theory the Earth along with other planets and satellites, was formed when a comet moving around the universe stroke the sun many years ago.
  • Nebular Hypothesis: In 1775 A.D., a German philosopher Kant put forward another nebular theory, which was later improved by Laplace in 1796. According to him, there was a gaseous mass revolving around the earth. While revolving, this mass began to cool and shrinked resulting many smaller masses. These smaller masses began to move round the larger central mass. This central mass became the sun and over revolving bodies formed planet and satellites.
  • Tidal Hypothesis: According to hypothesis proposed by Jeans and Jeffery in 1917 A.D., a big star orbiting round the sun finally approached it. The star with its own attraction caused a tide to be developed from the sun. As this fragmented tidal matter cooled, planets, satellites, etc. were formed and the solar system was created. In this process, the Earth was also formed.



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