Monday, August 24, 2020

Hydraulic Press

 On hydraulic Press a Large tube is connected with small tube. The system is filled with a fluid of proper viscosity. The fluid is enclosed inside by help of air tight pistons of proper cross sections. If pressure p is applied to Piston A(Small cross section) , piston B is pushed with same pressure according to Pascal’s Law. As the pressure is converted to the force on Piston B, large force is produced.

Q. If area of cross-section of Piston A is 0.01 square meter, that of B is 2 sq. meter and 40N force is applied to piston A how much force is produced on piston B?

Here, A = 0.01 sq m, f = 40N, B = 2 sq. m

Then, from above formula, F = 8,000N


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