Monday, August 24, 2020

Solar Energy

Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar energy is the cleanest and

most abundant renewable energy source available, and the U.S. has some of the richest solar resources in the world. Solar technologies can harness this energy for a variety of uses, including generating electricity, providing light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, or industrial use.

Solar energy is the framework of all form of energies. For example plants make food from sunlight and grow up. From their hard portion firewood are formed, from their leaf and other soft portion biomass is formed. Thus firewood and biomass are product of solar energy. Similarly solar heat evaporate water from river and ocean and rainfall occurs on the top of hill which makes gain of potential energy of water that is naturally converted to kinetic energy from which hydroelectricity produced.

Q1. How is the coal product of solar Energy?

Q2. Why Solar energy is regarded as renewable energy?

Ans: Solar energy is regarded as renewable energy because it supplies energy continuously by nuclear fusion process with unlimited storage capacity.

The Nuclear fusion: The process of forming heavy nucleus by fusion of two or more light nuclei is called nuclear fusion. 


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